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Types of Online Communities

John February 23, 2021
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It’s quite vital to determine which kindly of an online community site that you would wish to build. Community sites can be divided into three types:


A forum is a type of community site that allows users to engage in discussions on particular topics.
Forums can for example be used to bring together users of a particular product to discuss issues they are encountering with their product and seek for assistance from other users. Users who would also wish to purchase the product can also get to know about the product prior to purchase.

Community Blogs

Community blogs are a type of community site that allow users to upload and publish their content.
This helps in bringing content into your site as well bringing in user engagement.
Community blogs can be used in promoting a product as well as serve as a knowledge sharing platform.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are a type of community site that enables users to interact privately via messaging.
Users are also in a position to create their own profiles, friend connections and groups similar to other social networking platforms such as Facebook.