Digital Development Association

Registration number: 2235/A/2020

Our Story

Being in the web development area for over a decade, we believe everyone has the right to learn and create a better future. Our goal is to help people all over the world, no matter the age or financial status, to learn new digital skills and help shape up a better world.

Having this in mind we decided to create DigiNation, a non profit organization to help us reach our goals.

With extensive web development and design skills, plus having experts from various areas we aim to tackle the following on our platform:

– Free online courses and tutorials accessible world-wide.

– Get access to a large community where you can get help on various topics.

– Creating innovative activities using digital tools.

The purpose of the Association

The association aims to support and make accessible the adoption of innovative digital technologies, with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality of life, economic and social development, as well as supporting and creating innovation leaders.

The activity of the association has a strong humanitarian character, the emphasis being on the education of disadvantaged people by initiating and developing programming skills, to open the way to their passions and careers in technology.


The lines of activity through which the association aims to fulfill its mission and to put into practice the vision of the organization are:

– Organizing events to discuss the use of innovative technologies and identifying concrete solutions for their adoption in daily activities;

– Organizing meetings, courses, conferences, competitions;

– Facilitating access to information through a website in the field of digital technologies;

– Development and provision of materials and courses for the development of programming skills among young people, with special emphasis on disadvantaged people;

– Attracting funds to facilitate access to digital education, at national and international level;

– Realization of media materials and public relations activities through which the activity of the Association is presented;

– Carrying out any other activities that may help to achieve the proposed purpose and objectives.


100% of proceeds will be to support the organization’s activities. Funds will be disclosed by the end of year report.