Sell Your Own Branded WordPress Hosting & Services

Dollie is your behind-the-scenes partner, managing your cloud infrastructure and building out white-labeled features you can then sell directly to your customers.

Why You'll Love Dollie

Dollie v2.0 is culmination of many years spent by the Dollie team perfecting ideas, research, and development craft to ensure their partners are maximising their potential for success, selling their own cloud services under their own brand and domain.

Start Reselling WordPress Hosting Right Away

 Forward-thinking Agencies, Vendors and Website as a Service (WaaS) Entrepreneurs are using Dollie to generate passive income.

WP Product Creators

Dollie allows you to quickly turn your best selling WordPress products into click-to-launch SaaS apps, under your own domain, branding and full control over pricing.

Stop giving away a large chunk of your revenue to a marketplace that takes the bulk of your profits. Dollie integrates seamlessly so you can directly start offering your new SaaS services straight from your existing setup.

WordPress Agencies

Stop giving away your revenue to hosting providers, invoicing apps, CRM systems and countless other solutions today. 

Create a fantastic experience for your clients under your own brand domain. Manage & invoice clients, sell enterprise-grade hosting, site maintenance plans or any other service with the click of a button.

Offer true scale, flexibility and reliability for you and your clients all under your control, with no 3rd party in the middle.

Waas Builders

Your own platform of pre-made click-to-launch sites, ready to be purchased with the click of a button.

With Dollie you can build your entire WaaS solution using WordPress and it’s rich eco system of plugins and themes,  without the restrictions of other WaaS solutions.

All the sites launched by your customers on your WaaS are hosted in isolated, dedicated environments, unlike Multisite based WaaS solutions you might have tried before.