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Adding user custom Fields to User profiles

John March 2, 2021

Members can add custom groups to their profiles. This can be achieved from the Users > Profile Fields section within the WordPress dashboard.

Fields within the primary group “Base” are rendered on the registration page.

It is also possible to create Groups to hold specific custom fields that you create. This can be done from the “Add New Field Group”.

Below is a sample group with a custom field within it.

In cases where you would wish to add more field types, we recommend using the BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types plugin. The plugin can be installed from the Plugins > Add New section within the WordPress dashboard.

Some of the additional field types would include: Birthdate, Image, File, Checkbox acceptance,  Country field, just to name a few.

The custom fields and groups can also be ordered via drag and drop on the field and group panels and tabs respectively.