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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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  1. Introduction
    Introduction to this course
  2. Creating a ready to use site on LaunchMyWp
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  3. Installing Required WordPress Plugins (BuddyPress)
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  4. Setting Up and Configuring BuddyPress and Content
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  5. Installing and Configuring BuddyBuilder
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  6. Customizations
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  7. FAQ
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  8. Conclusion
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To test the site rendering of various pages and functionality, you can first add dummy content to the site, of which you can have cleared later on.

In order to have the content in place, you can use the BuddyPress Default Data plugin to import the data.

The plugin can be installed from the Plugins > Add New section within your WordPress dashboard. Once you are done with the installation, navigate to the Tools > Bp Default Data section:

Users: Imports dummy users into your site

Profile data: Includes user profiles related information

Friend Connections: Imports all users friend connections

Activity Posts: Imports activities by users

Private Messages: Imports messages by various users

Groups: Imports Groups within your site

Members: Sets members to the imported groups

Activity Posts: Sets activities of members within the imported groups

In this lesson, we will select all the options in place and have this data imported into our site.

Once you are done with the import, you should receive a notification within the page that the import is now complete: