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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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  1. Introduction
    Introduction to this course
  2. Creating a ready to use site on LaunchMyWp
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  3. Installing Required WordPress Plugins (BuddyPress)
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  4. Setting Up and Configuring BuddyPress and Content
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  5. Installing and Configuring BuddyBuilder
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  6. Customizations
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  7. FAQ
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  8. Conclusion
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Notifications are rendered when either of the following happens:

  1. A member replies to a comment that you have posted
  2. A member sends you a message
  3. Once a member sends a friend request to another member
  4. When a member accepts a friend request you had sent
  5. Once this is a request by a member to join a specific group of which you are the group administrator
  6. Once there is a promotion of a member to a group administrator or moderator
  7. When there is an update of group information
  8. In a case of an invite to join a group

Users are also in a position to specify when they would wish to receive notifications. This can be achieved within their profile, under the Settings > Emails section: