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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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Best Themes for your Community Site

John March 15, 2021
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A crucial thing to your community site is to get yourself a great-looking layout.

You need to make sure that the appearance you want is not just a template and that the theme is BuddyPress – ready. 

For an excellent experience for your community’s users and members, these themes below would be great to consider when setting up your community site.

  • KLEO

Kleo is a wonderful theme based on social networking – it is compatible with the latest versions of WP and Buddypress and is always updated to ensure that it stays on top of the latest versions.

Kleo is an incredibly versatile theme, fully customizable. To create an amazing website with Kleo, you don’t need to be a professional developer or designer. A beautiful group, or social networking website, can be easily built. KLEO has all the tools to start you off.

  • Typer

Typer theme provides unique layouts to your community site and is quite easy to use.

The theme also allows you to have a Front User Profile.

This theme also comes with lots of useful documentation to help you achieve the most from your community website and get it working as per your wish.

  • Olympus 

Olympus theme incorporates a great blend of features to help you easily set up your online community website.

The theme includes a number of templates to easily assist you kickstart your community site design.

  •  Buddy

Buddy is a clean, modern and completely responsive WordPress and BuddyPress template coming from an Envato Elite Author that can be used for any kind of website, whether it be business, corporate, group, magazine, portfolio, or something else.

  •  Reign

The Reign BuddyPress theme has it all, from creating a community, to a social network, and with the ability to set up eCommerce on your website as well, so you’re really protected by everything.

  • OneCommunity

With the BuddyPress plugin, OneCommunity is fully integrated. In addition to the obvious, this item has a big list of features going on – which makes it a really good group site option.