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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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  1. Introduction
    Introduction to this course
  2. Creating a ready to use site on LaunchMyWp
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  3. Installing Required WordPress Plugins (BuddyPress)
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  4. Setting Up and Configuring BuddyPress and Content
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  5. Installing and Configuring BuddyBuilder
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  6. Customizations
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  7. FAQ
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  8. Conclusion
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The friend connection component helps members within the site connect with each other.

Similar to other social platforms such as Facebook, users are in a position to send friend requests, reject requests as well as cancel existing requests.

Requesting friend connections can be accomplished from the “Add Friend” button on member profile pages:

Once the member accepts the request, the two users will now be a connection.

One main advantage of friend connections is that friends are in a position to invite each other within various groups.