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How to Troubleshoot and Fix BuddyPress Notification Emails Not Working

John April 8, 2021
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Emails not being sent out is a common issue and especially on various web hosts.

Here, we will look into some of the ways to carry out troubleshooting to fix this.

Check with your web host in case they’re blocking out emails

Some hosts do not allow automated emails to be sent out from your WordPress environment. Others also tend to block sending of emails other than those associated with your hosting account.

It is hence vital to check with your web host on this particular matter.

Sending a Test Email

To check if there is an actual issue with the mailing system, install the Check & Log Email plugin.

With the plugin installed, navigate to the Check & Log EMail >Status, fill in an email to send a test email and have it sent.

Once this is done, check whether you receive the email.

Ensure that the Email is not being logged as Spam

In some cases, these notification emails may actually be logged into your Spam folder. This mainly occurs if mail services are not properly set.

Changing the outgoing email address would be of help in some instances. WordPress sends emails from, whereby signifies your site domain.

To change the default “from” email address, you can install the code snippets plugin and add the following code:

function change_wp_mail_from($email){
return "";
add_filter("wp_mail_from", "change_wp_mail_from");

You can replace the default email used within the code to your preferred email.

Configure WP Mail SMTP Plugin

The WP Mail SMTP Plugin helps in fixing email delivery issues within WordPress sites. You will first need to have the plugin installed within your site and navigate to the Wp Mail SMTP > Settings section.

Here you will need to fill and specify the fields:

  1. From Email: Specify the email that you want your site emails to appear to be sent from. Also ensure that you enable the “Force From Email” checkbox option.
  2. From Name: Set the name that will appear within the emails sent.
  3. Mailer: Choose a mailer option that you would wish to use. The default Default option uses the PHP mail() function to send out messages. Gmail, Mailgun and SendGrid options require additional info such as Client ID and Client Secret or API key.
    The “Other SMTP” server option requires you to enter additional configuration details.

SMTP Host – Here you need to fill in the hostname for your SMTP server

Encryption – Enable SSL or TLS encryption if its supported by your server

SMTP Port – Add the port your server works on

Auto TLS – Enable this option if your server supports TLS encryption

Authentication – Enable this option if your SMTP server requires authentication

SMTP Username – Here you need to fill in the username for your SMTP server

Password – Fill in the password to your SMTP server

We recommend consulting your hosting provider to assist you in identifying these values since a misconfiguration on them would mean that the mailing would not work.

Once you have the values added, save your changes