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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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  1. Introduction
    Introduction to this course
  2. Creating a ready to use site on LaunchMyWp
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  3. Installing Required WordPress Plugins (BuddyPress)
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  4. Setting Up and Configuring BuddyPress and Content
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  5. Installing and Configuring BuddyBuilder
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  6. Customizations
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  7. FAQ
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  8. Conclusion
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Groups can be classified into three types:

1. Public Groups: These groups are available in all group directories. All contents within the group are also publicly available. Anyone can also join a public group.

2. Private Groups: Private groups are available in group directories. However, unlike public groups, their contents are only available to members. The group name and description are however available.

3. Hidden Groups: These groups are only accessible to members within the group. All their content and activity are also only accessible to members. Users can also only join the group via invitation.
By default, users within a group also have one of the three roles:

Members: This is the default role a user assumes once he/she joins a group.

Moderators: This is a role above the “member” role, in that moderators are in a position to edit and delete contents within a group such as posts and topics.

Administrators: This is a role with all capabilities from the moderator role, and has full control over a groups’ content and settings. By default, the user that creates the group assumes the administrator role.