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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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How To Moderate Activities Within Your Community Site

John April 12, 2021
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Moderating activities within your community site is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Moderation generates trust amongst members within the community site.

BuddyPress provides an admin panel section to moderate activities.

These activities are grouped based on actions within the community site. These actions can be used to filter activities an admin would like to moderate. The actions are included within the filter section indicated below: 

Once the admin identifies the activities he would wish to moderate, he can carry out either of the actions below on the activities:

  • Mark the activity as “Spam”
  • Mark the activity as “Not Spam”
  • Delete the activity

These can be carried out by first selecting the activity to moderate and then specifying the action as illustrated below:

Expounding on Moderation

To add more moderation features and items to be moderated, we can use the BuddyPress Moderation Tools plugin that can be purchased and downloaded from here.

Not only does the plugin add activity moderation, but also user moderation, Group moderation, extensible Reportable types, and much more.

With the plugin installed, navigate to the Moderation > Settings > General section within your WordPress dashboard, specify the reportable items as well as other settings you would wish to have in place. 

Within the activity and activity comment section, you can also specify the moderation settings you wish to have within your community site.

With these settings applied, members will have a reporting feature within the activities stream as illustrated below:

For more details on the usage of the plugin, you can find the official plugin documentation here.