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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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Restricting Content Within your Community Site

John March 24, 2021
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You can restrict BuddyPress sections within your community site to certain Members based on profile fields, membership levels or values. This functionality is provided with the help of the  Restrictions For BuddyPress plugin and the Paid Membership Pro plugin. You will hence need to first install these two plugins from the Plugins > Add New section of your WordPress dashboard.

Configuring Basic Restrictions

These restrictions can be assigned on guests, logged in users or all members. They can be specified from the Settings > BuddyPress Restrict section within your WordPress dashboard.

The restrictions can cover the following sections within the community site:

  • Members directory restriction
  • Profile Viewing Restrictions
  • Groups Directory Restrictions
  • Group Page Restrictions
  • Site Activity Restrictions

Restrictions based on Membership

Paid Membership Pro restrictions can be assigned to all members, restrictions to certain levels such as non-members and non-logged in users as well as custom membership levels.

These restrictions can cover:

  • Members directory restriction
  • Restrict viewing other profiles
  • Groups directory restriction
  • Group page restriction
  • Site activity restriction
  • Sending private messages restriction
  • Viewing private messages restriction
  • RtMedia plugin – Restrict users from adding media

Membership levels can be added from the Membership > Settings > Levels > Add New Level section. Below is a screenshot of this:

Pages needed for the Paid MemberShip pro can as well be generated from the Membership > Settings > Pages section.

For more details on membership setups, you may check on the plugins’ documentation here.

Free Access Based on a Profile Field and value

PMPRO Free access will allow you to grant members access based on a specific field name and value. 

As an example, let’s say you have a custom user field “Nationality” that allows selection of various nationalities within its values. With one of the available selections being a “canadian”, you can grant free access to a member whose nationality is a canadian from the “Nationality” field and a selection value of “canadian”.

Members will be assigned the level specified within the setting.