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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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Displaying Custom Profile Fields in Member Profiles

John March 27, 2021
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Custom User profile fields can be rendered within Member Profile templates designed with BuddyBuilder. To have this achieved, you will need to install the BuddyBuilder Pro plugin.

With the plugin installed, you can proceed carrying out the steps below:

Select to Edit the Member Profile Template

Navigate to the BuddyBuilder > Dashboard section and select to edit your member Profile Template.

Add the Member XProfile Field to the Template

Within the BuddyBuilder Member Profile widgets, locate the Member XProfile Field element and drag it to the Member Profile Template section of your preference.

Specify the field to render

Here you can select your custom field to render.

Set a Label to the Field

This can be achieved from the “Extra Text” section. You will need to fill in the “Text before” field.

If need be, you can also fill in the “Text After” field as well as specify an icon to the field.

Styling the Field

You can then style the fields you filled in to your own preference from the style tab, in order to have a proper display within your site, and update your changes.

Final View

The field should then be rendered within the template as per your specification and styling. Below is a sample View: