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How to Build an Online Community on Your Site

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How to Create Chatrooms in BuddyPress Groups

John March 22, 2021
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By default, BuddyPress does not include a chat room feature within it. Enabling a chat room within your community site can be quite a great feature for your users.

Within this tutorial, we will learn how to integrate chat rooms within your WordPress groups, with the help of the BuddyPress Group Chatroom plugin.

Step 1: Install the BuddyPress Group Chatroom plugin

Step 2: Enabling chat

Once the plugin is activated, there will be a “chat” tab under the “manage” group section, whereby the group admin can then enable chat within the group.

Step 4: Accessing the chat tab

WIth chat enabled, members to the group can now access the chat tab available within the group.

Step 5: Sending of Messages

Group members can then send messages to each other within the chat tab.