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SEO best practices For WordPress Websites

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Configuring compelling titles and meta Descriptions

John July 12, 2021
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Titles are the clickable single line of text that appear in Search Engine Results.

Title tags are quite critical in SEO as this is what both users and search engines see first. If the title satisfies the users’ search intent, then he/she is likely to click on it.

Best Practices While Writing Titles

Titles should be unique, in each page

Add the keyword only on the title tag, but avoid Keyword stuffing

Ensure that Titles are not longer than 60 characters

Use modifiers in your titles. Examples of such modifiers are how-to, top

Ensure titles are relevant to the content within a page

Titles should be compelling to visitors

Try as much as possible to include numbers within your title, where it seems fit

Meta Descriptions

These are meta tags that provide a summary or a description of the content within a web page. 

Meta Descriptions are rendered below title tags in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Meta Descriptions have an influence on click-through rates. This can be observed if the meta descriptions are convincing to users or provide a compelling reason to users that they contain the information that users are searching for. In this case then the users are likely to click on the meta titles.

Best practices to follow while writing meta descriptions

Meta descriptions should be kept to at most 155 characters

Meta descriptions should be unique to each page within your website

Have a clear and accurate description of what the page is about

Include a Keyword within your meta description

Add a description that triggers the users’ curiosity

Ensure that there are no non-alphanumeric characters in your meta descriptions