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Link building: how to build high quality backlinks

John July 12, 2021
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Link building is essentially the action of having other websites link back to your website in order to improve on the Search Engine Visibility. 

Pages with more backlinks tend to generate more organic traffic via Google search. As a result of this traffic, there is a high likelihood to have your content rank higher in Search Engine Result pages.

How to build high quality backlinks

1. Setup Online Profiles

In order to have more online visibility, you need to create profiles on business directories or social profiles that are relevant to your Website content and target audience.

With this done, the created profiles will contain a backlink to your website, which will help in building your link profile.

2. Build Links from broken links

Outdated resources such as posts on websites may contain broken or rather no longer existent links. These links provide a chance for backlinks. 

In a case whereby you identify broken links on a website platform that are relevant to your content, it would be great to reach out to the website owner and suggest a replacement link to your site, of which would act as a backlink.

3. Incorporate high quality content within your site

If your site content is of high quality, then other brands within your space would like to be associated with your content and would likely provide a chance for backlinks to your site content.

4. Incorporate Visual Content

This includes content such as images, charts, videos. This type of content is likely to grab the users’ attention much faster and hence attract more links.

5. Keep up with trending topics

Creating content on trending topics can lead to links from media channels and hence providing a higher chance for backlinks.