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SEO best practices For WordPress Websites

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Google’s structured data guidelines

John June 9, 2021
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These are guidelines that would need to be followed for all structured data, in order to have the structured data rendered in Googles’ search results.

Technical Guidelines to Follow

1. Formatting

You should use either Microdata, JSON-LD or RDFa to add structured data as these are the supported formats.

2. Accessibility

Make sure that there are no crawling hindrances on the robots.txt file, and there is no usage of the “noindex” tag.

Quality Guidelines to Follow

Not having your content follow the stipulated quality guidelines may make your content get flagged as spam, which in turn negatively affects SEO.

 1. Content

  • Don’t publish misleading content such as fake reviews or content
  • Don’t use structured data to mislead users
  • Follow the general Google webmasters quality guidelines
  • Don’t markup any illegal content
  • Ensure that you use correct and up-to-date information
  • Ensure that you don’t mark up content that is not visible to readers of the page

2. Completeness

You need to specify all required properties in order to obtain a rich result type

Filling many required properties as much as possible, will lead to high quality results, meant for users

3. Location

Structured data needs to be included on the page described in the data

For multiple pages with similar content, it is recommended  to include the same structured data within all the pages

4. Images

Ensure that Images are specified accordingly, and that they belong to the instance of the type. As an example, if an image is specified as a property to a specific article, then the image needs to belong specifically to that article

All images should be indexable and crawlable

5. Relevance

Structured data should be an actual representation of the page data. If for example a site is labelled as a news site, then it shouldn’t include details such as recipes.

6. Specificity

As much as possible, try to use the most appropriate type and property names defined by within your markup.