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SEO best practices For WordPress Websites

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Recovering from a Negative SEO Attack

John July 13, 2021
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Disavow the Bad Links

If you find suspicious link farms, you can disavow the links. This can be achieved by submitting the data using the Disavow tool. The tool will enable you to upload the list of links and remove all disavowals for the specific property.

Reporting Duplicate Content

Using tools such as Siteliner or CopyScape, it’s easy to trace the duplicate content. Once traced, you can contact the content administrator and ask them to have it removed. If it’s not removed, you can then report it as an alleged copyright infringement to Google here.

Check on the Reviews Legitimacy

It is important that you go through the negative reviews 1, 2 or 3 star ratings. Within them, you will need to gauge whether they are genuine reviews as well as if they could be from one user with different accounts. If they seem suspicious, you will need to report them to the reviews site.

Blocking Suspicious Crawlers

If you notice a reduced site performance or an unusual downtime in your site, it is important to have this reported to your web host. In some cases, these kinds of issues could be due to crawlers causing increased server loads. Your hosting provider would then identify the source of the increased load and is able to block such crawlers via the .htaccess and Robots.txt files.

Remove Suspicious accounts

In a case where there was hacking that occurred and a hacker was able to gain access to your site, it is important to go through the user accounts and remove any suspicious accounts. If the user account is identifiable, once the exploitation is fixed, the user account needs to be removed immediately.