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How to Create and Find XML Sitemaps in WordPress

John June 1, 2021
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Creating an XML SiteMap Using Yoast SEO

To setup an XML sitemap, once you have installed Yoast SEO plugin:

Navigate to the SEO > General section

Click and access the “Features” tab

Toggle “On” the XML sitemaps option if it’s not turned on.

Save your changes

You can also customize what to include and what not to include, from the “search appearance” settings.

Locating the XML Sitemap in Yoast

Navigate to the Features tab and click on the question mark close to the “Xml Sitemaps” feature.

Click on the link “see the XML SiteMap”

Creating an XML SiteMap In RankMath

Navigate to the RankMath > Dashboard section and access the Setup Wizard tab

Access the sitemap section

Ensure that your sitemaps settings are enabled as illustrated below

In addition, you can also configure sitemap settings under Rank Math > Sitemap Settings

Locating the XML Sitemap in RankMath

Navigate to the Rank Math > Sitemap Settings. Within the top section you will find a region “Your sitemap index can be found here:”