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SEO best practices For WordPress Websites

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Importance of Local SEO

John May 18, 2021
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Local SEO is quite vital especially for small businesses with a physical presence. 46% of all searches in Google have local intent.

Some of the benefits that business gain from Local SEO include:

Increase in Online Visibility

Local SEO boosts your business online visibility by ranking it higher in search results. This leads to increased website traffic from people within your business geographical area.

Builds Up on Trust and Credibility

Carrying out Local SEO helps in gaining trust and credibility of your business to inline searchers. This as well triggers engagement from users and can later on lead to customer loyalty.

Helps Potential Customers Discover Your Business

Potential customers within your area are in a position to easily discover your business if it’s well ranked on search engines.

Provides a reach for ready to buy Customers

Local SEO helps in providing information for customers who are ready to make a purchase of an item.

Increased Leads from Mobile users

With most users using mobile devices to carry out searches, Local SEO optimized for mobile can be used to generate more leads.

Increase in number of sales

Local SEO will at most times lead to both online and offline purchases. This results in an increase in the number of sales for businesses with physical locations.

Acts as a form of advertisement

Details rendered once local searches are carried out, of which are available within your site, are used as a free method of advertisement. Most users are made aware of the business itself.