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Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

John July 12, 2021
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AMP is an open source coding framework designed to create faster loading pages on mobile, thereby prioritizing on the user experience on mobile.

Due to the increased level of mobile use compared to desktop in recent times, AMP was developed to ensure that websites load faster on mobile.

Advantages of AMP

1. Fast Loading Web Pages

If your website is slow on mobile, you are likely to encounter higher bounce rates and decreased user time on the site. AMP hence helps in increasing the speed of your website pages on mobile, thereby helping in avoiding these detrimental effects.

2. Higher Rankings

Mobile friendly sites are ranked higher in organic search results within mobile devices, compared to sites that are not mobile friendly. Since AMP is a major contributor to mobile friendliness, AMP pages will hence rank higher on mobile.

3. Increased ad Views

WIth AMP you can easily get items that will not be a necessity for mobile visitors, within your site such as sidebars. This means that not all HTML codes will be executed.

If then for you hence had banner ads within your pages, of which easily grab users’ attention, this will mean that there will be increased ad views, hence creating immense value especially if monetization of the ads is in place.

How To Implement AMP in WordPress

In order to integrate AMP within your web pages, you will need to install the AMP WordPress plugin.

Once you have the plugin, navigate to the Appearance > Customize > AMP > Design, where you can alter the colors in use as well as the overall color scheme.

For more customizations of AMP support within your website, we recommend checking out the plugins, documentation here.