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SEO best practices For WordPress Websites

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Keyword research is a process of identifying words and phrases commonly used by users in search engines.

How to carry out keyword research

Brainstorm on Foundation Keywords

These are keywords that you think may be appropriate, that your target audience may be using to carry out searches.

As an example, if you could be selling clothes, some of the keywords you could come up with include: Jackets, dresses, shorts, trousers and many more.

Aligning the Keywords with users’ intent

Satisfying a search intent is quite vital for ranking. In order to confirm the intent in a keyword, you can fill it in search engines and check on the results.

Using Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools can actually help in generating more ideas on exact or relevant Keywords that can be used.

Some of the Keyword Research Tools that can be used include:

Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer

Google Keyword Planner

Factors To Consider While Choosing Keywords

1. Search Volume

The higher the search volume of a keyword, the higher the chances of a higher traffic to your site. If the Keyword search volume is low, it will lead to low traffic to your site. It is hence vital to research on the search volume of a keyword.

2. Keyword Relevance

It is vital to ensure that the keyword used on a page is relevant to the content within the page. Google ranks the website content on relevance. Content will rank for a keyword if the search intent is met.

 3. Authority

Having quality and helpful content as well as having your content gain social traction can help in becoming authoritative of which is quite vital as Google will mainly consider websites that are more authoritative.